Mosquito Problem

Mosquitoes are a real nuisance. They bite you and suck your blood. They can even give you malaria which can cause some crazy effects. In fact, mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous animals. They kill more people than people kill people. That's crazy. They kill about 700, 000 people in a year, mostly in Africa and Asia. The developing world clearly has most of the problems.

Anyway, I have been thinking about waying to repel mosquitoes. There are products in the market that allow me to do this so I should not be so stingy. I realised that I have some mosquito repellent. This is good but I have already been bitten. But I will keep using it. Nice stuff.

However, I have picked up some DIY ways to get repel mosquitoes.

  1. Creating a garlic - water solution and spray it in your house
  2. Dry herbs and burn them to create smoke
  3. Have a pond of water or bucket that has some mosquito food that kill the larvae

Those are some methods to use and here are some references:

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