The telephone rings and my sub-conscious is calling. It speaks as follows:

I have no role model today. They are far and few between. We hear and see the results of great men like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk but there are no Napoleon or Charlemagne. They are not an Enzo Ferrari. Maybe I see them as low because I live in this period in time but the truth is, we need great and passionate men. As Napoleon, when all odds were against him, how could I be like him? When all is lost and a man walks in the snow, looks to the terrain and believes that he can take it. What does that even take? The terrain is vast and belonged to someone else before you, why should you lay claim to it? What gives you the right? Should I give myself the right? Even then, how do I ensure that it is mine? This is the big question.

I want to be great but what is the cost? What do I have to lose? My vision is not clear. I don't want to just own a large tract of land. I want the land to know my name, to bear it in its heart and know that I lay claim to it. That I must dominate over it and make sure that the name sticks. This is the way. Destiny will be what I choose. Destiny is what I choose.

If I want to sail across the oceans like Francis Drake, then let it be so. If I must build a rocket like Elon Musk, then let it be so. One must not hedge. He must commit to one purpose. One driving force that push him forward to achieve his purpose. Knowing and unknowingly. One must have something bigger than himself that forces him to sacrifice all the things that bring him down. He must take one step at a time with his goal in mind. This goal is clear and he sees it. It may not be what it truly is but it is what it is. It will evolve and the man will look back and see great progress. This is the way.

Wisdom is all around as and we are tuned to it, at least for the few. Be one with it and live within it. Capture it in your hands and don't let it slip. Do this but working on it day by day. For idea have their time and those who don't cater to them will be abandoned for another executor of this idea. Like dreams, they move from one place to the next, one time to the next and one person to the next. They are loyal to those who work on them. Keep working on the idea that have called unto you. It has chosen you and you must be one with it.

There is shortage of a great wisdom. A wisdom of looking to sky and knowing that the universe will give you what you want, if only you were willing to ask. In fact, the biggest problem is not knowing what to ask for. Imagine you could have anything in the world, what you would you ask for? As the great Solomon, he asked for wisdom and God was pleased. Because of this, he was given everything. What formula is within this, I do not know. It may be that this is the winning formula but it is also not true. There are many wise people in poverty and many foolish men in power. Therefore, this is not the answer. For it is said, that Solomon thought and asked for wisdom. It was not a template but it came from him on understanding and reasoning of what he wanted and needed. This is the way.

This journey is not about the money you made or the pleasantries you had, it is about the discovery of self. The manifestation of the person that you are meant to be and the person that you already are. Feel every emotion, urge and impulse, that is you. Feel every hope, dream and ambition, it is also you. You are not one piece of the puzzle, you are a never-ending puzzle. No label can define you, for you are a never-ending puzzle waiting to be discovered. All the good and all the bad is you. You are not without it and you are immersed within it. Ce le vie. It is what it is. This is life, embrace it and you will know peace and relish in chaos.

It is mistaken, that chaos is bad. This is not true. This idea that bad is outside and good is within us is flawed. We are vile beings, full of sins and causations of misery, how dare you talk of all good? Creatures of such splendor don't take drugs, murder people and rape as they please. It must be know, that all men are evil. But also, this is just one side of the coin. For all things have symmetry and man is also good. He cares for his neighbours fights for his countrymen, protect the creations of his God and provides for his people. He seeks a better tomorrow for himself and his people. He is a being of paradox, he is a good and evil, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. He is brave and afraid, calm and anxious, happy and sad, forgiving and vengeful. Ce le vie. This is the way.

One must only master it and not be too much of one thing. For good and evil are two-sided of the same coin, one must integrate both the good and the bad but not let one take over and consume oneself. It is important. Balance of all things is necessary and requires hard work and strife. For this is a force that only man can control. He can choose what he wants to become. Fascinating.

You have the freedom to choose, we all have a choice. We can choose the thoughts, the actions, reactions, emotions and so on. It is a force that goes beyond the good and the evil. It is the force that chooses the good or the evil. What will it be? Well, it depends on what is requires. This is true to some degree because one must force strength using the forces of evil, which can also do good. This is the choice. However, what makes something good or bad? Well, it can only come down to one thing, what you believe in and the values that you care. This is the moral code, the ethical fabric and the religious standing.

The topic of religion is often discussed in very literal terms, without an means of nuances and discourse of no emotional attachment. It is a touchy subject and it touches the hearts of men of all nations. This very fact is the key. If all men find this important, then it means that it is universally important. Even for those you negate the supernatural, they fail to realise that the supernatural is the reference. A funny paradox indeed. If the supernatural is beyond us, then it can be said that we abide by its rules. We do neither see, nor control it but we are aware of its presence and influence in our lives. We know not what it can do but we know that it does a lot more than we can comprehend. This force has dictates rules for nature and laws for man. Be it in writing or in our hearts, it is true that it is wrong to kill or steal. We know it but whether we follow this is subject to the laws of physics. What can be done will be done. Physics dictates this.

What does this all mean? Well, let's find out. Many religious texts have given answers and I don't have them. I am an explorer like you. I am finding things out as I go. I collect small scraps from one place and connect them to another place. I put things together from places that resonate with me. I don't believe in fate, I believe in random choice and discovery. In essence, there is a certain hope. Although the discovery almost leads to nowhere or speculation, it seems to lead in a certain direction. This fate that I don't believe in, seems to exist but I cannot comprehend its power. It only makes sense when I look back, but I don't have must to look back on.

So what must I do? This is a good question. It is said that when I takes a certain path, he must contemplate on why he has taken that path. There is a reason for why a man has taken a certain direction and in my eyes, it is a direction that he was not bound to take, nor was he chosen. It was a path that was destined to be taken, whether he was there or not. If the light bulb was not invented by Thomas Edison, he would have been invented someone else. If Steve Jobs never started Apple, someone else would have done it. It was in the air, people knew that the iPhone was going to be built, the question was who was going to build it.

What are you best positioned for? You want to make an important but don't know where to start. My advice is this, follow the damn road, follow where you think has the best chance, follow where your heart desires, follow where your heart lead. If you are in high school and what to do computer science, then aim for that. You don't need to have everything figured out. However, you have be clear on where you want to do computer science, why you want to do it and why it is important. If you don't have these things, ask these questions until you have answers to them. This is the way.

Life is a journey. Do as your heart intends. No one will leave your life for you. Life can be tragedy and also a blessing, why waste time hedging to make it successful and get 50-50, when you can dive right it and make a gamble? Fine, not all times should you take a gamble but at least take one. You have to do it eventually. Believe in something so much that you are willing to die for it. If it is not your country, then do it for your kids. If not kids, do it for your dog, if not your dog, then you do it for yourself. Want more for yourself and be willing to die for it. If everything was on the wall and all you had to do was fight for it, would you do it against all odds? This is the question. The real question. The one that makes all the difference. If all things you cared about stared at you and you had to save them, would you muster all the courage and strength, whit and grit to make it happen? Challenge yourself and say this, "Let's tango, let me show you who I really am. I am great, strong and prepared. I am capable and I know what is to come. I am the man for this job and I am ready and willing. None can stop because none have never succeeded. I will not let them. This is my stand. Take me if you must but I will not retreat and say that I was defeated. It is my time, my moment and I will make it count"