The Answers of a Candle Flame


Thank you for believing in me, even when I struggle to believe in myself. I know I can do the things I have set above. The only obstacle in my way is the man in the mirror. He has a lot of work to do on himself. He is eager and willing to learn but he forgets. He forgets what is most important. He gets caught in the unimportant and unproductive. He descends to places he should not go and becomes things that he is not supposed to be. He is at war with his worst enemy of all, himself. He has never had a lasting truce with this enemy, nor does he see a ceasefire in sight. Sometimes he wins and other times he loses. He goes back to the drawing board and drafts a plan to win the next fight. He doesn't remember the beginning of this war, nor does he see an end in the horizon. "This is how things have always been", he says. "Why fight harder to win this battle when I will just have another one tomorrow? It is meaningless and I have come to accept it. In fact, I have come to relish in it. My suffering has become my shield and my pain is my sword. I have forgetten the cause of this war and I am not willing to remind. C'est La Vie!". This is how things have always been. How can he possibly change it? It seems bleak and impossible to have a lasting victory.

For such is life, an eternal push and pull until the end of our days. A resignation to purgatory. However, there are harbours of hope in the heart, hidden in the silence of the mind and absence of movement. When life is moving slow and all is quiet, hope glimmers like a candle flame in a dark abyss. A whispering yet yearning desire for something more. He know not why this candle burns, nor does he know who put it there. He asks nothing of it but it means everything to him. He feels it's call in the dark of night, when all is slow and at rest. For a moment, there is a eternal bliss for a split moment, when all things stand still. Nothing matters and Everything Matters. There is Faith, there is Hope, there is Yearning and there is Peace. There is also Ambition, there is Grit, there is Strength and there is Fire. There is Love, there is Kindness, there is Empathy and there is Grace. There is also Treachery, there is Malice, there is Greed and there is Lust. But there is also Wisdom, there is Intelligence, there is Conscientious, there is Discipline.

A single candle flame that seems very little, can mean so much. It may hold all the answers that he seeks, and through them, he could win a war of a lifetime.