Permissionless Economy

Working without being told what do. I have no boss to tell me what I need to say and when to say it.

I can build a community, have authentic conversations and make money while I am at it.

The permissionless economy is about independent individuals working together to help each other grow, based on their own self-interests and expertise. A designer can be in this environment and sell their skills to other individuals or groups in the community.

Communities are:

  1. A hacker and innovator community of people looking to build software for the African market. Refer to Hacker Studio and Visionary Workshop
  2. A intellectual community of smart people who want to have niche conversations on philosophy, tech and son. Refer to Cerebrations. Also similar to Visionary Workshop
  3. A community of content creators looking to create intellectual content in Africa. Refer to Intellectual Content in Africa
  4. A community of urban dwellers looking to understand and improve rural areas by living and work there to improve our country. Refer to Digital Village or Startup City
  5. A community of Africans looking to understand and document their cultures and preserve them for the next generation. Refer to Digital Museum

Reference: Permissionless Economy article