A Note of Good Ideas

I have been bitten by too many mosquitoes and they can be deadly. They are the top killer of human. In fact, they are even better than human beings. Refer to Mosquito Problem for more on this.

Electrolysis for water to produce hydrogen and oxygen. Refer to Green Hydrogen

Using algae to produce oxygen from carbon dioxide. Refer to Carbon Capture

Space manufacturing is the next step after Space exploration. Add this to the My Vision of the Future

The Big Idea Club. My thinking is that this will be an invite-only club where smart people can come together and discuss big ideas in tech, philosophy, economics and so on. It is a place where the mind can run free and think about the possibilities and even impossibilities that can be thought of and achieved. Refer to Cerebrations. On this idea, we can have a Slack or Discord channel where people post their content they have watched and their summary and commentary on it. This allows the community and understand the idea and comment on it. By doing so, we can produce knowledge and encourage people to build stuff. The goal is Building the Future.

A technology that I feel is greatly underutilised is WiFi. I feel that we haven't explored the possibilities of WiFi greatly enough. We have only scratched the surface. I will look more into this but I believe that a mesh network like in this video or WiMax is a great way to take internet connectivity in dense urban environments to the next level. Look into Wireless Mesh Network

Just an interesting thought. In order to find few people that you agree with on a certain truth, you can hack your way through this by following communties that are small but are enthusiastic about what they do. They usually tend to know something that most people don't know. They tend to be geeks and nerds and are dismissed quite easily. They have low following and have few people who believe in their vision. However, they grow quickly as their benefits start to get realised. Eventually, they become mainstream.

Another idea on streaming movies from torrents to users. This can be a good project to work on. Hacker Studio needs to come to light so we can work on this stuff

Cockroaches are interesting creatures. They are very resilient and don't die. I should look into them.