Billion Dollar Project

This project is quite aspirational and represents a bigger idea than just getting a billion dollars in cash or stocks or capital.

The vision is that I can get to a financial position where I can start to think about solving tough problems, doing big things and stretching my imagination about what is possible and what can be done today and in the future.

I can work on the following:

  1. Working on my Problems to Solve. These are more doable projects that can be done in my lifetime and with current technologies. I can easily start them but I have work to do right now to build wealth and power. The Hacker Studio and Builder Studio is the place for this.
  2. Building the Future and My Vision of the Future. These are the bigger, more difficult projects and problems to work on. From space travel to nuclear fusion. These are the aspirational ideas of where humanity should progress but don't see the immediate need to do so. My inspiration comes from Companies Building the Future. This is the Visionary Workshop
  3. My Ambitions. This attempts to outline my idea of building the future. It covers Agriculture in Africa, Knowledge Management and Discovery, Exploration and the Visionary Workshop. These are the areas to look into that make sense, based on my experience and strengths.
  4. Things I want to... This is an interesting outline of the smaller projects that are more of wants and little passions. I would call them Little Obsessions or Passion Projects.
  5. My current pillars are Pillars for 2022. They range from product development, documentation, exploration and craftsmanship.
  6. Inspiring Plan for Life. This is my rough master plan for my life. It is vague but summarises how I am thinking about the direction for my life. I am currently at Stage 1.
  7. A dream that matters to me. Startups are all the hype but there is more to this. We would not consider SpaceX a startup because it is aspirational. That's what I want to build some day.
  8. Digital Mind and My Edge in Life. With the skill of pattern-recognition, knowledge management and discovery, I can leverage this to model the world.

The goal is to build things that people want so that they can give me what I want.