The Innovation Journey

Get the reference to Batman. Never mind, welcome to the Innovation Journey. An attempt at writing a book about my journey as an Innovation Leader. I started as an Innovation Fellow, straight out of campus with a silent passion to build something worth something. I had a dream. Just as I finished my programme in university, an opportunity presented itself at the right time to pursue that silent dream. It came to me as a challenge and I took it on. Now, I am the co-founder of a startup in less than 3 years. In this living document, I will write out all the things I have learnt at each stage. I hope it helps you become a better builder, founder and tech enthusiast.

Structure of Sections

I will tell this story using an articles from Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase and polymath. He took the time to dissect how to build a startup in this article. Give it a read and it will give you context.

  1. Idea
    • What is an idea
      • Problem
      • Solution
      • Business Model
    • How do you evaluate the idea
      • Market research
        • Interviews with target users
        • Secondary information: articles, books, reports
        • Study existing solutions
      • Analysis of data
        • Data points
        • Insights
        • Trends
        • Patterns
    • Mindset required here
  2. An idea is not a mockup
    • What is an mockup
    • How do get from idea to mockup
      • Feature ideas: The way that the application will work and flow
      • Tools:
        • User stories
        • User flows
        • Wireframes
        • Mockups: Figma designs - simulate how the application will look, not how it will work
    • Mindset required here here
  3. A mockup is not a prototype
    • What is a prototype
    • How do you get from mockup to prototype
      • Tools you need
        • VSCode
        • Deployment server
    • Mindset required
  4. A prototype is not a program
    • What is a program
    • How do you get from prototype to program
      • Tools you need
        • Well-tested code
        • Error handling
        • Logging
    • Mindset required
  5. A program is not a product
    • What is a product
    • How do you get from program to product
      • Tools you need
        • User experience
        • Copy-writing
        • Pricing - financial modelling
    • Mindset required
  6. A product is not a business
    • What is a business
    • How do you get from product to business
      • Tools you need
        • Licenses
        • Payroll
        • Incorporation
    • Mindset required
  7. A business is not profits
    • What is a profits
    • How do you get from business to profits
      • Tools you need
        • Financial modelling and projections
        • Cost projections
    • Mindset required