Things I am excited about in 2023

  1. LLMs - these generative language models are taking the internet by storm. Starting with ChatGPT and now other projects that are using text to create other things like audio, video and even actions. It is insane
  2. Handwritten OCR - there is still a lot of reliance of paper, especially in libraries, exams and so on. Having a way to convert handwritten to digital and store it correctly will be very important
  3. Knowledge management - PKM is something I am crazy about. I can write my thoughts and notes and connect them in an eloquent way. This is really good as I can reference this information to learn, write essays to publish and so on
  4. Home Labs - in a world where most things are in the cloud, we are at risk of losing ownership of our data to large corporations and startups. Therefore, hosting your own applications will bring back the flare that Web 1.0 had. It is wild and free.
  5. Growing the PKM ecosystem - the plugins in Obsidian are amazing and it is an untapped market that can be exploit. Of course, we will provide value for ourselves and the commuity but it can also make us good revenue. A studio that builds plugins for the note-taking community will be golden.
  6. Personal blogging - it is not enough to just take notes, it is important to share those notes with the world. That's why I am working on the publishing my knowledge base. It is important to get my ideas out into the world.
  7. Personal projects and studying time - there is so much to do in the world. There are so many books to read, projects to learn from and build on top of. For the projects, they tend to mostly be in software.
  8. Motorcycles - just the look for a Cafe racer or a Ducatti gets me. I want to have one of those babies are fly on the Southern Bypass like a maniac.
  9. Building a great startup - from the tech, to the team, to the metrics, to the revenue and profits, I want this life. This will be a journey of a lifetime
  10. Sharing my ideas and story with the world - although I have mentioned personal blogging, it is not the only thing that I can do. I can start a podcast and just rant my way. I can publish my knowledge base. I can write a book. I can create a chatbot that queries my notes and even synthesizes my voice to communicate. All of these technologies are there, I just need to build it out. Digital Mind or Mathnuscripts
  11. Building tech, innovation and just learning - so many project ideas to build. I need more time and more people to geek out about this stuff. Hacker Studio
  12. RISC processors - having the ability to design, develop and ship your own microprocessor design for a specific or even general purpose is a game-changer for the computing industry. It is like Android for the processor market.
  13. Brewing alchols like beer, mead and muratina - Supporting local brewing
  14. Paramotors - the one-person business equivalent of flying
  15. Value-addition and modern farming - processing, packaging and branding. In addition, growing fungi and other valuable plants for medical, industrial or consumption. Using vertical farming, hydroponics and aeroponics
  16. Fungi - understanding, growing and using fungi to make the world better