If Failure was Not on the Menu

I have been thinking about what I would do if I knew that I would not fail. I am not sure what that is yet. I want to learn fast before I know what that it. There are a couple of ideas that I can list out:

  1. Create a digital version of myself that I can talk to and converse with
  2. Build Shukran into a billion dollar bank
  3. Tell stories through tech, animation and writing from a new African perspective
  4. Start a knowledge book and encyclopedia from Kenya
  5. Building a Hacker studio to build small-scale projects with big impact
  6. A Tinkerer's life where I earn a living from building things that matter to me

Imagine all the things that I can build, all the books that I can read, all the essays that I can write. There is so much to do that I feel like they are so far away. I don't even believe that I can have them. Imagine if I just started to pursue those things with a passion and I managed to make money out of them. I am working on Shukran right now and it is a great opportunity to learn a lot of principles but it doesn't feel like it is it. There are some things that I want that I cannot explain. I have tried to put them into words but none comes to mind. Maybe I just want to write a book like my digital garden which I have made.

Based on Problems to Solve

Given your background and interests in fintech, writing essays, software development, and a desire to build things, several of the problems listed align with your personality and interests. Here are a few that you might find particularly suitable:

  1. Making Knowledge Useful (Problem 4): This problem aligns with your interest in writing essays and your desire to disseminate knowledge. Creating a platform or service to make academic papers more accessible to the public could be a valuable contribution.

  2. Wallet Technology (Problems 15 and 16): Developing fintech solutions for creating digital wallets and facilitating group fund management could be an exciting project for you, especially if you are interested in the financial sector.

  3. Operations-as-a-Service for SMEs (Problem 39): If you enjoy software development and have a background in fintech, offering support services to SMEs, including those related to finance and accounting, could be a valuable endeavor.

  4. Automated Kitchen and Bartender (Problem 49): If you want to blend your interest in tech with other aspects of life, creating an automated kitchen and bartender solution might be a fun and innovative project.

  5. Subscription-Based Internet (Problem 46): This aligns with your tech interests and could have a significant impact, especially in regions with limited internet access.

  6. AI Chatbot for African Datasets (Problem 52): Given your interest in tech and writing software, creating an AI chatbot that provides insights from African datasets could be both intellectually stimulating and beneficial for various sectors.

  7. Connecting Smart Polymaths (Problem 18): If you want to connect with other like-minded individuals and build innovative solutions together, this problem could help you establish a network of collaborators.

Remember that the best choice also depends on your resources, available team, and the specific market needs in your region. You might want to explore these options further, conduct market research, and evaluate which problem aligns best with your vision and capabilities for your fintech startup in Africa.