The One Big Idea

This concept is based on what I want to do in life that will define me. If you look at all the great people in history, they all had one big mission that defined their lives and put them on the map. They are as follows:

  1. Isaac Newton - Theory of gravity
  2. Napoleon - Emperor of France and conqueror of Europe
  3. Einstein - Theory of Relativity
  4. Oppenheimer - the Atomic Bomb
  5. Steve Jobs - Apple
  6. Bill Gates - Microsoft
  7. Sam Altman - OpenAI

In all of this, they had specific skills in a certain domain like software development, startup building, physics, quantum mechanics and so on. They have a passion in these domains and they gained the skills to be dangerous in them. From there, they made change in the world by organising people around their ideals, mission and purpose.

The question that arises is what is my One Big Idea. What is the thing that I am going to build that will change the world, make a difference and make me a lot of money, give me power and influence?