My Vision of the Future

This is a list of what I think the future will look like. How I will build it is subject to imagination

  1. Digital Mind for every person. People will have a digital companion or digital assistant that will perform tertiary and even secondary tasks for people like scheduling meetings, searching for information and so on. A combination of knowledge management, AI and API integrations will be necessary to make this a reality.

  2. Space Exploration is the next frontier. SpaceX, SpinLaunch and other companies are leading the way in building the infrastructure to take us out of the Earth's atmosphere and onto bodies in the Solar System. However, there will also be Space Manufacturing, Space Mining and Space Settlement. In short, a whole new economy will open up to the world that will be exploited and create more wealth.

  3. Nuclear Fusion as the ultimate energy generation. By using high temperature and high pressure on hydrogen or deutirium molecules, we can harness the power of the sun to generate energy for our needs in industry, transport .etc. In the meantime, we can do Nuclear Fission. Helion Energy is doing amazing stuff in this sector.

  4. Semantic Web for Knowledge Management for the internet. The Next Generation of the Internet. Refer to Wolfram Alpha. Knowledge is tokenised, linked and connected in novel ways to create new knowledge

  5. Artificial Intelligence to encode human knowledge on the internet and the world. This is where the next generation of software products will come from. ChatGPT by OpenAI is clearly leading the charge.

  6. Robots to perform both general and specialised tasks. Humanoid robots, space exploration robots, drones .etc. Boston Dynamics is doing great stuff.

  7. Biotechnology. Using nanotechnology to create an artificial immune system that cures all diseases and includes ageing as one them.


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