Making Mobile Phones Have Utility

Currently, smartphones are used for the consumption of media and the acquisition of services like ride-hauling, delivey and so on. Any creation takes place on social media where pictures, tweets and videos are shared. Apart from that, you can't do anything else with a smartphones. It almost feels like the smartphone is just a vending machine for snacks or a slot machine to get the next dopamine hit.

Unlike laptops or desktops, mobile phones cannot be used to create videos, build software applications and control and manage systems. By making mobile phones have a utility, we want to make them more useful than they already are. I envision a situation where mobile phones make you more productive, help you create and build new things, have a great interface to control and manage systems.

Especially since Africa is mobile-first, we have to find a way to make mobile phones less about consumption and increase their creation-potential. Otherwise, we should ensure that everyone has desktop computing capabilities to take full advantage of the Digital Economy and how it interact with the rest of the economy.