Ideas are Cheap, Execution is Everything

Beware of the big ideas. Whenever I see a new person come into a team and they are briming with new ideas that they share left, right and center, I am always skeptical and even cringe at the sight. These people have started strong but they don't really that ideas are cheap and execution is everything. They are naive and amateurs in my eyes and they have a lot to learn. Only time can teach such people what it means to pull up your sleeves and build our ideas through hard work, not just talking.

I was this kind of person so I understand what I am talking about. When you don't know much about a certain topic or situation, you always have strong opinions about it and how it should work. For someone with little knowledge, you have a lot to say, which is a quite common among fools. The reason they have so much to say is because they haven't been hit by the realities of work. They fail to see that ideas are loosely-formed in one's head and they are often devoid of the accuracies of reality. Like doing an experiment in ideal states, thinking and talking about new ideas is the same. Once they are exposed to reality, they show different results.

"Ideas do not come out fully-formed, they only become clear as you work on them" by Mark Zuckerberg.