Incurable Itch

I hereby write to cure an incurable itch. A need to express and uncover a gem in my soul. It yearns to express itself and my heart aches to do so.

We all have this gem and it manifests in different ways for each of us. For some people, this itch is writing, others is coding, others need to sell, others need to preach. With each action, they move closer to uncovering this gem in their soul. They express their truth and share something unique and fresh.

An incurable itch that moves you one step closer to what you truly are. Unfortunately, you will never reach the end as you will die before that happens[1]. It is sad that this is so but it is also an opportunity that requires urgency. It begs the question. How far I can go if I uncover this gem every waking hour from now henceforth? A good question indeed.

I may also have to explain why it is necessary to uncover this mysterious and unnamed gem. In truth, life will be much more thrilling and exciting if you do. You will in fact become more comfortable in yourself as you know what you can contribute to the world. You will know that you can make your mark upon this earth and say that I was here. You can be seen and be loved, especially by yourself.

We must also look at the consequences of not uncovering this gem. There are many ways to explain it but I will start with an example. Escapism in our culture is rampant. You can see it from the endless consumerism, social media scrolls, junk food, clubs and so. We escape for many reasons but one sore thumb is the fact that we are not living up to our full potential. We are not happy with ourselves and we are not the best that we can be. Our mark on the world is too faint for our liking and we dislike it. Inevitably, we hate ourselves for not living up. It is made worse by this incurable itch to uncover this gem. We may write about it and find that we enjoy the act of writing. However, we take it no further than words on page, never to be seen by a single soul. For words are written to be read, so are all things that we create. They must be witnessed and experienced by other people. A private creation is a creation half-done. Singing in the shower is not enough, to cure your itch, you need an audience. There is no other way. With each word, symphony, for loop, free kick and all forms of action, you are moving closer to the person you were meant to be.

I understand why you do not take the leap. You have suppressed your desire for this gem for so long that you don't know what you desire anymore. You may have been told that your desire is not worth the effort. Instead you must focus on what others have done before, what is trending and what is the greatest opportunity. You follow these things because it is the right thing to do. It has been iterated that what the majority says is true. It may be but it may not be, in fact, it may just be outdated. You follow opportunity from without but you neglect opportunity from within. You have starved your soul, it cries for help but it is too weak to be heard. With every word you don't write, every song you don't sing, every business idea you don't start, you are suppressing your soul. It will get lower and lower in its whisper. The weaker it gets the more you need to fill the void with external stimulants. The itch needs scratching but you are scratching it with the wrong tool for the job. Instead of uncovering the gem, you damage it, hammer it, dig it out and dirty it. In short, you hurt the gem and it becomes less valuable everything. It will never be worthless as it can always ooze its truth but it will not work as it could if it was new.

Like the man with gems under his house, going to look for oil in other people's land, we need to realize that we have something to offer within ourselves. We just have to listen to ourselves more often than we listen to others. Especially when it comes to who you are, what you want and why you want it. In short, who you want to become is a question that only you must answer. Be weary of the world, for if you don't know who you are, the world will tell you who you are.

I am not subject to your interpretation. For what is interpreted is sliced by the razor of logic. Through this is ceases to be what it is. When you cut a tree, it comes wood. When you cut a TV, it comes e-waste. When you cut a loaf of bread, it becomes a slice. When you categorise a man, you lose his essence and only see his utility. That man has been robbed.

  1. Refer to Towards Zero. I believe Leonardo Da Vinci had eluded to this idea of always moving closer to what your heart wants. In fact, he mentions that it draws you in and you get closer every time you listen to it. ↩︎