Space Exploration is About Perspective

Going to space is a whole of humanity affair. We should not have one group of people going to the moon and everyone else stays here. All of humanity should participate in this new economy that will be built. It is the next major one after this. In fact, it is inevitable. Humanity wants to be among the stars. If we don't want to be, we will be forced to be someday. It is best that we do it now and learn from it. Going to other planets and moons will teach us how to appreciate our home, Earth. We will see that we have everything. Like the child that moves out of home, we will realise how comfortable we are here and how great life is on Earth. When we realise this, we will have a perspective change.

That's why I want to go to space and inspire others to want to do so. It gives humanity an upward trajectory to be curious, explore and push themselves to their limits. We have amazing talents and abilities and we can use them for more than just solving problems. We can looking towards an exciting future and build towards it. What is there in life to do? We didn't get instructions that we should just fix problems, we can also building cool things and dream about crazy ideas. We can do that because we have the freedom to do so. Freedom is key. Sure, we have limitations but we can work with them realistically to build a future that we can all be excited about.

Space is exciting. Many don't care and that's fine. But there are many others who do and if they want to go to space, no one should dissuade them from doing otherwise.

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