Urge to Write

I can't do without writing because it is a symptom of something deeper. An urge to understand myself and my place in this world. The information I consume scratches an itch in my being that I cannot deny. I have always liked knowledge books, drawing comics and inventories, telling stories, playing games, reading blogs, watching documentaries and listening to music. I love the fringe ideas and the stories of historical people who recorded things. In truth, I like the monasteries, the libraries, the museums, the workshops, the labs, the data centers. I love them all but they all do one thing, they are a place where knowledge is built and preserved. What more do they do but bring knowledge into this world. Sure, they may produce products like books, crafts, server storage and vaccines but the most impressive bit is the know-how on how to produce those things. That's what counts because it can be carried and replicated by anyone once they have the adequate knowledge. This encompasses explicit knowledge in papers and reports as well as tacit knowledge in the minds and hands of the people in the organization. The knowledge is what is most crucial.

In the digital age, we have a lot of information that streams past us like bullets, trains and ghashing waters. It is easy for most of us to get swept away and lose ourselves to the neverending scrolling. One tab to the next, one link to the next, one book or podcast after another. It can get overwhelming and I sometimes feel my brain about to burst. There is a lot of information but how much knowledge is there? How useful is it to the person in question and how can they get more of that knowledge?

Knowledge is crucial to any society. In fact, it may be the one thing that sets a culture apart. Even developing a culture requires some knowledge to get started. Not everything is held by culture but it is still damn important