Rumblings on Nation-building, Philosophy and Financial Freedom

Instead of this startup business of building the world of bits, we should focus on improving the world of atoms by engaging in traditional business and improving it using technology. In fact, we may even realise that it doesn't need much technology at all.

Controlling our philosophy and narrative is more important than the technology and economy itself. Because it is through the philosophy that we hold that we can conquer the world.

There is no great thought in religion today, this is why so many people have turned to leftism, secularism and atheism. There is no deep meaning in religious inquiry, only dogmatic ideas that seek to dominate and destroy all that they touch. The worse part is none of the people involved know what they are doing at a fundamental level until it is too late. Guard your philosophy.

An interesting thought I have picked up from this video is that revolutions are built through hard work. They are not spontaneous or happen by chance. They take organising, community-building, sharing and communicating ideas and then actualising those ideas into the world. A revolution requires a theory and a good understanding of the past, current and the future of events, activities and consequences of the situation you are in. By doing so, you have tools to bring radical change by channeling your energy and others towards a goal.

The challenge of the intellectual is to interpret the world so that he can transform it. The intellectual's job is not to point at what others are doing but to observe and see the commonalities and differences and chart a path of how to move forward to solve human problems and dilemmas.

I need to look into Cooperatives and other structures of socio-political and economic governance.

It is interesting what I am getting from these two opposing thoughts. On one hand, we have national conversatism and on the other, we have leftist communist ideology. Both of which have merits and poor flaws. National conversatism seeks to preserve the state and defend the values that it holds as supreme and ensure that other structures can leave under it like religion and so on. However, communist ideology is an opposing view to how the state should be run and how it should benefit people. In communism, the idea of nationalism is not mentioned, capitalism is seen as a bad thing and democracy may be considered as a council. These are not bad models on the communist side. However, I would say that the nationalist view has shown great success in how it has brought people out of poverty and connected the world. The ethics of some of its practices in unification are questionable as they are rooted in imperialist and colonist practices of controlling the production and transport of raw materials from 3rd world countries to 1st world nations that benefit from higher margins and therefore increased wealth of production.

If you are building a movement, be patient with each other. Build each others confidence. Not attacking each other like animals.

I want to get to place of financial stability where I don't need to work anymore. I can just explore the world, knowledge, computing, science and talk to people about it. I can build cool things, invest in amazing projects and work on thinking and building the future. In this case, I would like to build the brain that will understand society and how it fits into the universe. The individual will also greatly benefit from such a system. This is the Codex idea or the Mathnuscripts as it were. A way to codify everchanging rules of life that can be followed for a long time to come. This is the main project I am working on here. It is incredible and it is taking me some time to understand how it will all work.

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