What are the Mathnuscripts

As I write, I must do. As I do, I must write

What are the Mathnuscripts? These are a collection of notes written by Mathenge Waweru. They conceptualise the world from his perspective. What he sees, he writes. What is written is used or stashed. All in all, it serves a purpose. A purpose of self actualisation and a legacy of observation and pondering that will transcend his lifetime.

They could be a digital mind, a collection of notes, a couples of linking scripts or a library of knowledge. All are valid but miss the bigger story.

In this dissection, we come to see that the Mathnuscripts is subject to discovery. Even I don't know what it can become but I know that it will be good. It is my secondary legacy. For the primary legacy is in the physical. The Mathnuscripts can only be possible because of the acts I commit in the world. In this human form, I must embark on journey. In this digital form, I must take the reader with me.