Short Notes on HTTP

This article is a great crash-course to HTTP.

We take the technology for granted because it just worked. When I use search on your browser for a site and it links you to it and pull up a landing page, that's HTTP doing its job. We don't even think much about it but it is fascinating thing to dive into.

In his article, he goes into the structure of the HTTP requests, how to build a proxy, how to implement HTTP1.1 using Rust[1] and building HTTP2.

I didn't get to finish the article because it was hella long.

The Author is He has great long-form content on how computer work and he has a great twist of using Rust to explain those concepts. Great guy.

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  1. Rust is an interesting language to check out. Here is a link to their page and another link to the libraries page. I am interested in learning more about it. It is the future of low-level programming and could power the base metal of computing in the coming years. ↩︎