Computing a theory for Everything

Ted Talk by Stephen Wolfram

I searched for Wolfram and I was not disappointed. Understanding the universe and using the knowledge we have gathered to do so is a fascinating concept. Computation is a great force to do such a thing. There is the method of using AI to understand the universe but what if we used a simpler approach that utilises something deeper. Wolfram Alpha is a step in that direction, by creating programs that dissect language and the knowledge we produce to come up with interesting combinations that are innovative and smarter than the AI systems we have today. AI systems require a lot of data but what if you could use less data to produce results. It can be used for private repositories of knowledge and can be deployed from scratch and used by anyone. It is a grand idea that aligned with the digital mind. All digital minds can unique because of the private data that we put into it but they are equally powerful and even more innovative as they have unique perspectives, ideas and principles developed.

This could be the key to understanding our universe and the place we have in it. Instead of a monolithic of an AI, we can have collaborative knowledge-based systems that interact, share and produce new knowledge. This remains true to the principle that all efficient systems should have smaller independent actors.