Why Share My Writing

I have been thinking of starting a blog or recording a podcast. I keep telling myself that I want to share my ideas with people and I want to build my own platform for me to do that. However, I believe I want to share this content because I want to be heard. I don't think I get heard a lot, especially with my weird ideas. I want to find people who don't think that my ideas are far-fetched, child-ish or dumb. I really want to find some acceptance and consensus with people on my ideas. However, I know that this will not be the case. There will be people who will disagree and by sharing my content, I will be exposed to criticism and people will start to see the person that I really am. They know what cards I have and I will lose some people in the process. By speaking the truth, I will be pushing away a lot of people who have known me for a while. I ask myself if this is worth the hassle. Am I willing to go through that?

Clearly I am afraid of what other people will think. I always have been. That's why I don't want to publish on public blog sites like Medium and Substack, because I know that people will find my work and easily criticise it. This is a weird response because I have written before. However, I understand why I am hesistant now. With a personal blog, I will be writing about topics that are dear to my heart. Risky subjects that can open myself up to criticism. I am afraid of getting negative feedback on these topics. It is easier to just keep them to myself and just dream about them. This is a sad state of affairs.

I can only imagine the mental anguish if I were to post my blog on Twitter and get told off because it is not relevant. I can only imagine someone telling me that I am wasting my time on blogging and should solely focus on building my career or a business instead. That would be a huge blow if it was used against me.

Just for a moment, let me consider that people don't actually care. Better yet, we can assume that they love my content and they even reach out to me to thank me for posting. At the end of the day, I want to be heard, why not post stuff and see if people will hear me? I am not the guy who is used to posting stuff. I clearly don't want to write long essays, so let's make them brief. We can even do it on Twitter or Substack or Medium. Nothing fancy. Let's just start. Let's jump right in.

I have the fear that I need to know more or have more experience in order to write online. This reality haunts me as I don't know when is the best time to actually write. I really want to write but sharing it with the world makes me anxious and unsure. The only question is if I don't share now, when should I share? When I am 30? When Shukran is successful? When is the great time to start and until when will I have to stay in the shadows?

I want to share my writing because what else will I do to pursue my intellectual curiosities and share them with others like the professor and storyteller that I am. I believe this is the direction that I want to take but do I have the commitment, courage and conviction to become that person? That's the billion-dollar question.