Navigating Geopolitics and Building Value as Kenya

I should come up with a survey to ask people what they did in university and what they eventually started doing in the job market. This can be asked to people who are 2 years, 5 years and 10 years into work.

What I suspect is that most of them have gone into the service economy. They are going into banking, insurance, information technology, law and so on. Very few are becoming doctors, engineers and architects. It is especially true for the people who did biochemistry and acturial science. Many people are not doing what they did in university.

Since the world is becoming more fragmented, we will begin to see more censorship of information on the internet. VPNs will become very important. What else will become important? Cross-border decentralised payments?

The enemity between the US and the USSR has a fundamental reason. When you decide to take capital from the rich, the US will intervene. This is especially true when you take land or resources away from US or European companies. What is the best solution to deal with such people? If you take it by force or by politics, they will take you using even greater politics and force. Can it be done economically? Buy up their capital, capture their market share and so on. Using their means against them. The Middle East like Saudi Arabia and China have something to teach us about this. The Middle East and the East Asia are the few places outside the West that have defied this system.

When it comes down to it, if you give people money and influence, they will turn a blind eye to atrocities and even commit them. They will lie and stir the pot, even when you are doing the right thing. They will seek to bring you down and have themselves at the helm.

With all these coups in mind, if we want Kenya to be part of a movement that moves away from the grid of the West, we have to not go against American business interests but magically create business interests of our own that we can leverage to make our case. We have build wealth for ourselves. We should own companies that export our foodstuffs, process our raw materials and brands that show the world the great things we have. These things have to be own by our people.

If we export things, we are subject to the prices that the buyer sets. Therefore, we can decide to manufacture the very goods they need materials for. Instead of exporting cobalt, we are make the batteries and sell them at lower prices. It is a gamble because we don't have the knowledge or the capital that the West has but we can do what China did, steal the knowledge and get the capital from the people. Steal intellectual property with impunity and encouraging saving in the population. Once you have the two things, get private enterprise or even government-backed companies to run borrow money from these banks and use the intellectual property to build products that can be solve in the global markets. We will not sell produce but products and brands. We should make things that are consumed by the end consumer. Being suppliers is the worst position to be in. At from the How Finance Works, Apple crushes its suppliers. You don't want to be an Apple supplier, start your own smartphone brand like Xiaomi.