Thoughts on Web3 and How to Fix it

I got to attend an event by the Africa Blockchain Center and I got to re-enter the the blockchain space in Kenya. Recently, I have moved my focus from Web3 to fintech as this is more relevant to me at the moment. This has meant that I have taken a back-seat from the space and chosen to observe instead of participate in its developments.

However, someone I started the blockchain journey with in 2017 says it is a bad idea to pause as things are getting better with each passing day. I am told it is too early to leave. In this essay, I seek to explain my criticisms of the blockchain space and why I am taking a pause. In addition, I have also been challenged by a colleague of mine to look at how I can solve this criticisms, instead of just pointing them out and taking a hike. In his eyes, I should be looking to solve the problems of the space, instead of leaving. We shall explore that in this essay.