Produce a Lot of Shitty Work

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I have had this feeling many times. I want to produce something great but I end up just scrolling through social media, watching another YouTube video or reading another article. Instead of pursuing the urge to create something, I choose to consume more information that I may not need. In those moments, I know that I want to produce but I choose to do something other than that. In the long-run, I have always felt like those moments stole my creative juices. It felt like I was invalidating some part of me and strangling it to death slowly. I was suppressing a part of my being that wanted to come out and change the world. I wanted to express myself but I did not. I chose to take what the world gave me and not what I wanted. I lose touch in that moment and I yearn for it to come back.

I have noticed in some occupations that just getting started and producing the worst draft ever is a great way to spark the creative juices. This is especially true when you eliminate the need for expectations. That's the reason why you are meant to write an article for yourself. This mindset frees you from the agony of thinking about what others will think about your work. When it is just you, you can do whatever with no judgement. There is no one to judge and that frees you from the worst judge of all, yourself.

By producing shitty work and a lot of it, you can come up with amazing creations. Of course, most will be shit and that's expected in the business of producing shitty work. Occassionally, something good will come out and you will continue to develop that piece of work. It could even become your Magnum Opis, which means Great work[1].

Next time, you get that great idea, take 10 minutes to write out that rough draft of a blog, draw that cartoon, write that clunky software, paint that mosaic and so on. For whatever creative endeavour it may be, let the 1st draft be the worst draft this earth as ever seen. You are allowed to produce shitty work because good things always come out from refinement.

  1. I learnt this from the Philosopher's Stone, it is a special substance that can turn mercury or lead into gold. It can also do other things like reverse or stop aging, cure diseases and so on. At least, it is alleged and that's cool enough. ↩︎