My Living Manuscript

My living manuscript. My life is real-time. That is the power of the internet. I can have my thoughts out there and they could last for centuries. They will know me by my writings long after I am gone. A beautiful thing.

Does it even matter what I do now? One day I will die and my name will fade into the abyss of history. What else can I do except what I love and what matters. If nothing matters, I might as well do what I want to do and make something beautiful out of my life of no purpose. This model could be the ultimate form of love to those who came before me and those who come after. My soul will finally have brought something into this world and depart while leaving new souls inspired to find their message.

What would be the point of life if we came into it with nothing and left with nothing? Or came with something and left with nothing? Or came with nothing and left something? It would make sense that we come to life with something and leave with something else, while also leaving something. Therefore, the goal seems that we must find what lies within ourselves. By doing so, we will find that we came with something, discovered it and left with something even greater. I called these the treasures within. Their consequence of discovering our treasures is that we leave behind a trail for others to explore and learn from, so that they may be guided in their journey.

These treasures within are family values, a business, a book, an ideology and so on. All of which are ideas, carried and shared by people who use them in their journeys to discover themselves and the treasures that they hold within.

If life is about finding the treasures within, then it translates to a temporary nature that is to be left for something beyond. Those treasures must be for something, otherwise, there is no point of uncovering them in the first place. They must also not be treasures to be basked in. That would be either folly or divine.

Folly meaning that the treasures are a measure of what life is worth and the act of basking in them is a distraction to what they can enable, a path to greatness and self actualisation.

Divine meaning that the treasures led to a freedom from the very treasure itself. The striving towards the treasure shows the importance of the treasure, not for the status of having the treasure, but the freedom it provides.

By striving for the treasure, we learn how magnificent freedom is and we strive for it everyday.

However, the goal is the freedom and not the treasure. The treasure is simply the target. Picture an archer shooting at a target. The archer shoots the arrow to the target. We wrongly assumed that the goal is to hit the target at the centre. This is not true. The archer shoots to practice something within himself, the calmness of shooting the target at the centre.

If we extrapolate this example, we can assume that the treasures within can be attained repeatedly. But it is not what we are after. We search for the internal calmness, what I call freedom. The treasures are a means to an end, freedom is what we most seek.

What are we trying to free ourselves from and why is it so important to us?

Those are the questions that may or may not have answers but I am glad to ask them because they define what we do and why we do.