The Future is African

13 out of 20 of the largest cities by 2100 will be found in Africa.

Our population will grow larger over time and these people will need jobs, food, transport, healthcare and many other products, services and opportunities to live.

As a stranger to the problems of most Africans but an African, I am believe I am best positioned to provide the solutions that our continent needs to thrive.

I am blessed with unique opportunities that provide a platform for me to build a good life for myself and also turn back and change society, giving other people the opportunities that I had.

Our market will become increasingly huge as we progress and all smart people with the privilege to take risks should look to leaning into the future to take advantage of this. The worst case scenario is that most of us can just work for the African brands that have emerged from this process. The dystopian version is that our market is dominated by foreign brands that are extracting rent from our market and allowing their founders to live large abroad like kings of a new era. That's the worst worst case scenario.