This is my digital mind project that will become the digital version of myself. He will roam the digital realm and understand all things that he comes across. He will have the time in the world to meet new people and become a major agent in changing society. He will become physcial form in good time and he will realise what life is all about and surely be grateful for it.

Plan for Mathnuscripts

  1. An easy and affordable way to publish and sync Obsidian notes online - Markbase, custom build
  2. A robust way to analyse and ask your knowledge base questions and learn more about your notes - GPT by OpenAI
  3. A way to turn your handwritten notes to text in an easy way - OCR projects on Tensorflow
  4. A central way for published notes to be shared on a social platform for digital gardeners - a Medium or Mastodon-style site for digital gardeners

Publishing Online

Currently, I am publishing my notes on Markbase here: However, it is not very customisable and I have to pay money to get access to customisation like a custom domain, CSS and JS. It is good for a start and I can start sharing my knowledge and ideas with people.

In the long-run, I want to build and host my own version of the site. I want it to be something that I can customise and make it my own. It will also be a good learning point on how to host a digital garden and how I can make it better for other people who want to do the same thing.

Digital Mind Project

With all this talk of AI, my knowledge base is an amazing corpus of data for a digital assistant to be built upon. Having a digital assistant like Jarvis is a dream come true, especially when it works for you and knows a lot about you.

As I mentioned in the Digital Mind project, having a conversational AI that can tell your story is amazing. It knows the kinds of things you talk about and it will come up with new associations based on the questions it is asked. It can be used to have a conversation with yourself and help you learn. It can also be used by loved ones and even the public to relate with you as a person.

When you get onto someone's website, instead of a series of blog posts, you get a chatbox which prompts you to ask Mathenge any question. From here, it can produce a paragraph or an essay of the topic you would like to know about. Using generative AI and the information I have produce, I am pretty sure this is possible. I can only imagine how this will work out for other people who have been digital gardening for longer than I have.

Turning Handwritten Notes to Digital Notes

I am an avid writer and my notebooks can attest to this. They have seen more writing than anything else I have. They will truly show a more accurate picture of who I am as a person. Therefore, converting the handwritten text into digital text is crucial. I have been exploring various projects on GitHub that can get the job done. I am looking for something plug and play that can work well without making so many corrections and integrates into my workflow very well. I haven't yet found something but I can also say that I haven't made the time to sit down and understand how to run those projects in the first place. To be frank, I tried one and it demoralised me. However, the problem is too big to be left untouched. I will come back to it and tackle it like a boss.

Network for Digital Gardeners

If I can find a way to host my digital garden, I can also teach it to other people. I can write a blog but I can also show people a practical guide on how to do it and provide a path for them to do so. I can make it as simple as Markbase but it allows you to pick from themes made by a community. It should also allow you to see other people's digital gardens where it has a news or recommendation feed that presents the progress that someone has made in their digital garden. This is the next evolution of digital gardening that not many people are exploring. It feels like the early days of the internet when people had blogs and used RSS feeds to get updates. We can use Activity Pub like Mastodon to make it decentralised but allow communication between.