Publishing My Second Brain

Publishing my second brain is a very personal decision to make. In these notes and essays, you will find a lot of personal things that reveal the person that I am and the things that made me who I am. The reason I post these writings is because I am pursuing a feeling. A feeling that I cannot get from anywhere else. Sharing my message and my story with other people is a blessing. If you are reading this, I hope you get as much from this as you can. My experience, my thoughts and my worries are meant to motivate the people who read this, as much as they motivate myself.

If you want to know more about the future of what the Mathnuscripts are, you can check out What are the Mathnuscripts. In this note, I will explore the inner deeps of why I decided to publish.

In the early 2020, when the COVID pandemic started, I was anxious. Describing to you the feeling doesn't do it justice. Being isolated at home with my family and not getting to go about my normal routine was a frustrating experience. I had to change so many of my habits at one go and I was losing it. Everyone was going through this phase at the time, at least the people I know. In that most, my mind was clogged, full and fatigued. The problem was that I wasn't tired as I was sleeping quite well. I wasn't exhausted as I wasn't engaging in physical activity. What was lacking was an outlet for my spirit to work, engage with people and act out in the world. I was confined at home and that was exhausting. Human beings are not meant to live within the confines of their homes. In this moment of pain, I declared that enough was enough and I picked up a notebook and started to write.

Fast forward a year, I had written and filled 4 notebooks and I was enjoying the writing and journalling experience. However, writing for myself was lacking. I was writing about a lot of things that excited me, but was yearning to hear what other people thought about my writing. The only limitation was that I was writing everything on a notebook. I wasn't going to share my whole journal with someone and risk them ruin it, steal it or expose my deepest and darkest secrets. That was too much of a risk.

Therefore, I needed a way to share my interesting ideas in writing, in a convenient manner on the internet that protected the privacy of my confidential notes and provided a great way to control what and how my audience gets to see about my content.

But why share? Because I believe that I have a voice and I should project it to the world and express my view on things. That's why I started this site. You can also read Why Share My Writing. It will give more insights into the nature of publishing. However, you should also consider that I have two ways I share my writing:

  1. My official website: I post the finished and canon essays that I wish to be tied to my profile on the internet.
  2. My Digital Brain: I post my experimental and outlandish notes and ideas to the internet so that I can share them and develop them over time. Think of it as an open kitchen where people get to witness their meal being prepared and make recommendations.

With that in mind, welcome the Mathnuscripts. It has so much potential that you can read about. But it must be clear, without my working in the real world like Shukran, I cannot be writing. As the saying going, "For I do, so I must write. For I write, so I must do". Being a writer without being a doer does nothing for the world. Express yourself, contribute to the world and make a difference.

You can also read Why I Keep Going to show you the person I am writing for and why it matters so much to me.