We are the Saviors Our Nation

We are selling our nation and we are going to regret it. Our children will resent our actions when we sold their land, gave up our power and gave it to foreigns. We gave them everything and we did it willingly like a bunch of fools. They look at us like idiots, these white people, Somalis and Indians. They are not our friends. They have an agenda. They see what we have and they want it. They are working coordinatedly to get it and they will not think twice about bring their friends and family to enjoy the feast. They will stop at nothing.

In the meantime, we kill our local industries by supporting foreign ones. The likes of EABL are undermining our local brews and promoting the likes of Singleton. We like foreign things and shun our own things. We are losing our country and there is nothing we are doing about it. We seek to move to leafier suburbs while we sell our city.

We are killing our agricultural industry and squeezing our SMEs to death. Our banks and politicians do not care about the people they serve, only their interests. They hinder local innovation in the name of safety. I don't blame because even our people rob themselves. They create new scams and new ways to steal from the neighbour. We are full of debauchery and we deserve what is coming to us.

I fear for our nation because this is not what our forefathers envisioned. The likes of Dedan Kimathi, Tom Mboya and James Gichuru did not suffer so that we can squander the opportunities that they gave us. They are turning in their graves and they are cursing us for what we have done.

We have let go of our cultures in the name of modernity. We are forgetting our local customs and our languages. We have become a confused lot of people, who have no mila nor desturi. We have shunned the things that made us who were and we want to become someone else. Like the white man, in the his clothes and his thoughts. We have become in mere puppet and we are being taken advantage of.

I fear for all the young people who are losing hope. With high taxes, no jobs and a harsh economic environment, these young people have no one to turn to to guide them. They feel helpless and it doesn't matter what people say. They need a helping hand. Someone to guide them, inspire them and lead them. May they not die of despair but rise up to the challenges that are presented before them.

I pray for our nation and our people. We have so much potential and we are so much greater than anyone could have ever hoped. Kenya is a special country and we are special people. Sure, we have a long way to go and we have so much to learn. We have to settle our differences and work together to raise each and every one of our own. If we don't do this, no one else will. They will walk all over us and not think twice. They will destroy our monuments and erase our history. They will whitewash all that we have built and call it their own. They will not think twice, they can and they will.