Turning a Desert into an Oasis

The job of an entrepreneur is to turn nothing into something. To bring life to something that people never thought was possible. This is the job of making the world a better place. Instead of dividing the pie, we will bake more pies and expand it. Finding new markets and catering to their needs. Creating products that increase productivity, solve big problems and make lives better.

Instead of going into politics, which is the most established and divided pie in this country, it is best to get into entrepreneurship and find markets that are underserved. Everyone wants a seat at the president's chair because it is established and has a track record. You know that when you get in, you will get the perks, the networks and so on. With building new things, few people will seat on that seat because it requires a lot of work and sacrifice. It literally takes you life because of the sheer commitment that is required.

However, in all its bad reputation, building new things makes the world a better place at the end of the day. It is new technologies that have increased productivity, not new leaders and political parties. Policies are not built around people, they are built around technologies that can be leveraged. This is what a lot of political and humanity-type people don't understand. Policies don't mean shit in a world that is stagnant in technological progress. Look at Medieval Europe. It was just small conflicts between lords for centuries with no end. Things only changed when technology and innovation came into the picture and it changed how people viewed the world as it changed the rules of the game.

Using technology, we have the power to turn a problem into an opportunity. We can turn barren wasteland into tropical paradise.