Mighty Browser

Website: here

I love the idea of this browser.

Browsers are the most used applications on people's laptops and desktop computers today. We access all our work, services and buy goods from the internet. The internet has consumed our lives and browsers are the gateway to this world.

However, these browsers consume a lot of memory and CPU power. With can disadvantage a lot of users with old and slow computers. All that JavaScript is not doing the world any justice.

With Mighty Browser, anyone can offload that browser memory mayhem to another server, the Mighty Servers. They are designed to take up the load and send you the final result in realtime so you can get on with your work as smooth as possible.

In the ideal case, we should have a language that is cost-effective for our computers but we don't live in such a world and we would let go of JS anytime soon, what a shame.

With Mighty Browser and a monthly subscription, you can have greater productivity when using the internet, its apps and the various services.

In the future, this will become important as more of our tasks will become independent from the devices that we use. Essentially, we will turn devices into commodities that can easily exchanged for another.

I keep mentioning Commodity as I will explain it

By the future of the internet and computing, this means that we can use any computer and have the same experience of accessing our work, documents and so on. That's huge.